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Scott Lazarczyk

President of SBM Life Science Corp., North American Region

SBM Life Science Corp. North America holds an important position in the market as the innovator in Lawn & Garden. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and drives us to continuously raise the bar. Our unique position in the market, both in European and North America regions, enables us to grow partnership in a global scale to offer our clients a full range of products and services for the care of plants.

On our path forward, we will continue to expand our synthetic, blue bottle brand, BioAdvanced®, in Controls and Lawn Care, as well as nurture and grow our newest addition to the family, NutriOne™ line of high performing fertilizers. We are also striving to become the industry leader in naturals by redefining the category through our NATRIA® brand. NATRIA® offers consumers more environmentally friendly solutions that deliver breakthrough performance, bridging the efficacy gap between synthetics and naturals.

Led by consumers’ evolving needs and a close eye on lawn and garden trends, we collaborate with a global network of innovators and researchers to offer best-in-class, science-based solutions that consumers have come to expect from SBM Life Science.

Key Figures

North America

blue bottle products
We offer over 100 blue bottle products plus a full portfolio of naturally-derived products.
SBM Life Science Corp is home to over 100 employees.
products sold annually
Over 15 Million products sold annually, improving lawn and gardens all over the country.

SBM Life Science North America

Local Brands

Bayer Advanced is now BioAdvanced Science-Based Solutions. It’s the same red shield, on the same blue bottles and bags, with the same formulations you already know and trust. The only thing that’s new is the name.
You can expect the same cutting-edge, best-in class science-based solutions we’re known for. Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of a global network of innovators, collaborators, researchers and scientists, our team of Blue Bottle professionals we will continue to raise the bar, developing industry firsts that give you new ways to fertilize and protect your lawns, kill weeds, grow plants, control insects and diseases, and protect your homes.

NATRIA is a full product line of naturally-derived products and will continue to be offered as a stand-alone brand. The NATRIA products offer a non-synthetic solution to manage pests, weeds and diseases. Many NATRIA products are certified For Organic Gardening, and they are all easy to use. Most importantly, NATRIA bridges the efficacy gap – delivering fast, effective results.

NutriOne™ is an innovative new plant food with a proprietary formulation that helps grow bigger blooms, greener foliage and stronger roots.

NutriOne™feeds flowers, vegetables, houseplants and ornamentals. An all-in-one solution reduces the need for multiple SKUs.

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SBM Life Science Corporation

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Alexandre Simmler
SBM Life Science General Manager

For over 20 years, our passionate experts have been imagining the garden of tomorrow.

Every day we try to reinvent ourselves to accompany the evolutions of our market to better answer the societal, environmental and regulatory challenges. Bringing to each and every one of our clients, partners and sellers the innovations that allow us to go further, together, to care and protect gardens and homes: this is our objective.

We provide a wide range of efficacious products, that are adapted to the consumers’ needs – but our expertise doesn’t stop here. Our integrated know-how allows us to cover the full value chain, from Research and Development to the commercialization of our solutions.

Our international footprint provides us with a global vision of our clients’ expectations, giving us the possibility to discern trends and to develop strong relationships with our suppliers enabling us to propose the best to the market.

All of these assets are the base of our strategy, written on the long term, and position us as a reliable partner for the future.

Our ambition for SBM Life Science

Ease our Consumers everyday life

by offering innovative, responsible

solutions & services

for their home, garden & plants

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